Wes Dakus And The Rebels & The Nomads

‘Wes Dakus And The Rebels & The Nomads’ Cassette Fireball 100 (1991)

[Wes Dakus And The Rebels: Pink Canary/Road Block/Taboo/Remind

Me/El Ringo/Creepy/Cavalier Twist/Walk Down/Pedro’s Pad/Side

Winder/Las Vegas Scene/Sour Biscuits/Dog Food/Surfs U Rite/The

Nomads: Hang Over/Lemon Twist/Dardanella/Outer Space/You Can’t Sit

Down/Summertime/Fried Rice/Las Vegas Scene/Cascade For Strings]

[Included with first 50 copies of ‘Strictly Instrumental The Canadian

Scene – A Discography Of Canadian Instrumental Records’ by Rich



The Surfdusters

‘Party On ’92! Live’ Cassette Fireball-002 (1992)

[Pipeline/Journey to the Stars/El Aguila/The Headless Battalion/Pismo

Twist/Phantom Train/Sea of Spaghetti/Hot Rod Alley/Teen Crash Beat/

Miserlou/Save The Waves/Point Conception/Mr. Moto/Thunderin’

Boards/Moon Relay/Walk Don’t Run/The Hearse/The Breeze & I/Short

Ride/Sea Dreams]


The Surfdusters

‘Raincoast Rumble’ CD Fireball 003 (1996)

[Save The Waves/Tyee Off Tsuquadra/Riptide/Kathy Don’t Eat The

Clams/(Smells Like Fish Tastes Like) Red Tide/X-It Hiawatha/Cattle

Drive/The Lonely Spanish Hotel/Border Run/Hero Of The Beach/Banzai

Rider/Phantom Train/Eclipse/Chill Out/Raincoast Rumble/Message From



Various Artists

‘Have Reverb —Will Travel North’ 7” ‘33’ EP Fireball 004 (1997)

[The Surfdusters: Danger Beat/The Lunar Marmots: K.W.A.F.F./Baron

Von Brodie & His Lost Beavers: Spy Chase/Quonset: Bird Circles]


The Surfdusters

‘Surf After Dark’ CD Fireball 005 (1998)

[Death Trap/Sharkskin/Radar Hill/Surf Buggy/Gruesome/Russian

Dressing/Gas Jockey/Forgotten Rebel/The Friendly Martian/Stubble

Jumper/KGB-In/Kona Angel/Wreck Beach/El Dementia/Haunted Surf

plus hidden track: Henpecker (live)]


Rockin Daddys

‘Rockin Daddys’ CD Fireball 006 (2000)

[Rockin Daddy/Love My Baby/Dead Flowers/Can’t Rock Me/Turn

Around/Tear It Up]







Various Artists

‘Instrobeat’ CD Fireball 007 (2001)

[The Surfdusters: Drive!/The Metalunas: Lost In The Moon/The Brewtals:

Wart Party/Big John Bates: Tombstone Twist/The Falcons: Wake Up/

Evan Johns: Roy The Cajun/The Reverberators: Terror Pipe/The

Heatscores: The Sunset Flip/Strangedays: Hodad/The Deadcats: High

Lonesome Cactus/The Falcons: Barracuda/The Instrumen: Tsunami/Pet

Fairies: Planet Of No Return/The Mysterons: Bloodhound/Sharkskin:

Trainwreck/Evan Johns: Pacific Wave [actual artist is Brian Goble]/Hi-Fi

Ramblers: Ripped On Surf/Huge: Silo/The Gassers: Eight-Ball/Quonset:

Desert Blade/The Reverberators: Bandito Stomp/Phantom 309: Motor

Oil/The Surfdusters: Attack Of The 50 Ft. Surf/The Mysterons: The

Gristler/John C.; Rock Me Tender]


The Surfdusters

‘Save The Waves’ CD Fireball 008 (2011)

[Radar Hill/El Dementia/Drive!/Wreck Beach/Russian Dressing/Hen

Pecker/Phantom Train/Hero Of The Beach/Eclipse/Danger Beat/Gas

Jockey/Save The Waves/The Moons Of Jupiter/Chill Out/Hot Rod Alley/

March Of The Invisible Traffic Cops/Border Run/Kona Angel/Surf Buggy/

The Mighty Niagara/Banzai Rider/Gruesome/Haunted Surf/Attack Of The

50 Ft. Surf/The Reef/Mexi-Fried/The Boulder Fields]


The Monster Stalkers

‘Do The Sasquatch’ 7” ‘45’ EP Fireball 009 (2011)


[Do The Sasquatch/Wailin’ Wolf/(Don’t Go To) Forbidden Plateau]







Rich Hagensen and the Wailin’ Daddys

‘Callin’ All Cats’ CD Fireball 010 (2012)

[Callin’ All Cats/Crazy On Me/Tonight Down At The Honky Tonk/El

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Ringo/Big Dreams Small Town/Wild Wild Baby/Moonlight Party/Don’t

Pretend You Love Me Anymore/White River Blues/Ready To Rock/

Midnight Moon/Is Love Just A Drink Or Two Away/Life Will Go On/

Big Dreams Small Town (Pt. 2)/Bonus Tracks: The Monster Stalkers:

Wailin’ Wolf/Do The Sasquatch/(Don’t Go To) Forbidden Plateau/

Rockin Daddys: Rock-N’ Roll Riot (live)]


Rich Hagensen And The Crew

‘Shakin’ Up This Town’ CD Fireball 011 (2012)

[Rebels Til We Die/Workin’ At The Mill/On This Black Train/Gettin’

Out So I Can Bring It Home/Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor/Shearwater

In The Summertime/Sad Whistle/Quinnie Country/White River Blues

No. 2/Reasons To Believe In Me/Never Got To Play In Newfoundland/

Bonus Tracks: The Best Disrespect That Money Can Buy/The Pristine


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